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Latest news and tips for website owners.


Sept 2018


Developing the face of your company is a necessary box to check on your startup’s initial checklist, and we’d argue that it is the most important. Not only does your branding translate the mission of your company but it also dictates the future of your relationship with the consumer. The question is, are you doing it right?

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Once your two-week trial is over, and you have determined that Shopify is the right e-commerce platform for your business, you're going to need to find which pricing plan will best further your endeavors. Shopify has a broad range of pricing plans tailored for many different businesses, so it is essential to find the most beneficial and useful plan. Whether you're new to marketing or if your business is flourishing and you're considering upgrading, you may be wondering which Shopify plan is best.

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Very few companies have evolved as rapidly or as substantially as Google’s search engine. In the beginning, SEO was nothing more than the practice of stuffing keywords, modifying back-end code, and spamming hyperlinks into a search bar until you started matching keywords. Although Google makes changes to their SEO services quite frequently, below is a list of the most substantial and noticeable updates that every user should understand. Google has had their search foundation set up since the mid-2000s, so they have come a long way. Let’s take a look at their most modern efforts to SEO advancement.

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A choice that will resonate on the internet for a lifetime is the domain name of your website. With endless possibilities, it’s important you understand what is crucial for a site name as well as what to avoid. From new companies, new brands, current brands that you want to take viral, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and anything in between and around, a website is the most necessary tool for furthering your endeavors. Domain names offer a wealth of connections that impact your brand and your online marketing. When it comes to type-in traffic, brandability, click-through rate, and more, having a great domain name will produce better results. It will be how clients, discover, recall, and spread your content.

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